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We strip accident damaged VW Caddy vehicles for spares. We are your one stop VW scrap yard selling used Caddy parts!


VW Caddy Parts For Sale

Our Volkswagen scrap yard team are continually stripping accident damaged Caddy vehicles for spares. All parts are shelved and ready for purchase. We also source our VW Caddy replacement parts from quality suppliers ensuring your vehicle is only fitted with the correct aftermarket replacement parts. Buy Caddy ignition switches, indicators, electrical parts, gaskets, windscreens, doors,engines, window regulators, crankshafts, rims, break calipers, tie rod ends, wiper motors, headlights, camshafts, bumpers, suspension parts and more!

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    Latest VW Caddy Part Requests

    2024-06-11 17:02:19 +00:00
    Require a gearbox for a VW Caddy Maxi 2.0TDI
    Gearbox has a big diff.
    2024-06-09 08:31:09 +00:00
    VW caddy bakkie tail gate
    2024-06-07 14:30:36 +00:00
    Hi, I'm looking for a 2012 caddy first row rear seat with brackets?
    2024-06-05 12:47:12 +00:00
    I am looking for a 2018 VW Caddy 2.0tdi rear bumper.
    2024-06-04 11:45:30 +00:00
    hi looking for right door window winder mechinisim manual on caddy panel van
    2024-06-03 12:16:27 +00:00
    2023 caddy 2.0tdi air filter box
    2024-05-28 13:08:14 +00:00
    Need a fuel pump. Bgu engine. Vdo code is :99376080 11805 H3562. Vw caddy van
    2024-05-28 09:58:11 +00:00
    I need a Caddy rear door electronic lock
    2024-05-21 21:02:59 +00:00
    Vw caddy VAN
    Year - 2004
    Engine type : 2.0 SDi
    Chassis - WVXZZZ2KZ5X026521
    Engine number - BDJ030693

    Kindly looking for engine and gearbox
    2024-05-20 15:20:46 +00:00
    Hi, I'm looking for a complete rear axle with disc brakes for a Caddy model year 2007/8
    About The Caddy

    The Volkswagen Caddy is a model of automobile and commercial vehicle developed by the German manufacturer Volkswagen.

    Initially a utility pickup, the Caddy was introduced to international markets in 1980, and in Europe from 1982.

    Since then, several generations have followed one another in the form of pick-ups, light commercial vehicles, or even recreational vehicles derived from various vehicles of the Volkswagen group.

    Volkswagen Caddy I (Type 14)


    Launched in 1980, the Volkswagen Caddy I is a Pickup based on the A1 platform from the Volkswagen Group. It embodies a utility version of the Volkswagen Golf I 1 family car.

    With the Pickup market booming in the United States, Volkswagen decided in 1979 to start production of the Volkswagen Caddy at the Westmoreland assembly plant in the US state of Pennsylvania.

    Produced until 1992, the Caddy was sold in North America as the Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup with two trim levels: Sportruck and LX. Its main competitors were the Subaru Brat and Ford Courier 2.

    The Caddy was also produced in the South African market under the name Volkswagen Pickup, where part of the assembly line was imported from the Westmoreland plant in the United States.

    As with the Volkswagen Citi Golf, a low-cost vehicle exclusively sold in South Africa derived from the Volkswagen Golf I, production of the Caddy was stopped in 2009.


    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Rabbit Pickup 1.7 4/8 1,715  cm 3 54  kW ( 74  hp ) at 5,500  rpm 121  N m at 3,000  rpm
    Caddy 1.5 4/8 1,457  cm 3 51  kW ( 70  hp ) at 5,600  rpm 102  N m at 3,500  rpm
    Caddy 1.6
    + Pickup (South Africa)
    4/8 1,595  cm 3 60  kW ( 82  hp ) at 5,200  rpm 131  N m at 4000  rpm
    Caddy 1.6 4/8 1,595  cm 3 55  kW ( 74  hp ) at 5,000  rpm 125  N m at 2,500  rpm
    Caddy 1.8 4/8 1781  cm 3 70  kW ( 95  hp ) at 5,000  rpm 142  N m at 3,000  rpm
    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Rabbit Pickup 1.5 D 4/8 1471  cm 3 35  kW ( 48  hp ) at 5,000  rpm 82  N m at 2800  rpm
    Caddy 1.6 D 4/8 1,588  cm 3 40  kW ( 54  hp ) at 4,800  rpm 102  N m at 2800  rpm

    Volkswagen Caddy II (Type 9K)


    The second generation of the Caddy was released in 1995. Unlike its predecessor, the Volkswagen Caddy 9K is based on the A03 platform of the Volkswagen Polo III.

    The range is enriched with an MPV version with 5 seats called Volkswagen Caddy Kombi 4.

    The Caddy is manufactured in Martorell in Spain, in the assembly plant of the car manufacturer Seat, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since 1986 5.

    This version of the Caddy was produced from 1996 to 2003 in Europe and was at the same time rebadged and marketed by Seat under the name Seat Inca. A typical BBS version sold exclusively on the Benelux market serves as an “exceptional vehicle” for fans of the brand.

    In its utility version, the Caddy 9K has a cargo volume of 2,900  liters 6.

    This generation was sold until 2010 in Argentina 7 and received, from 2005, a restyling of the front face on the model of the Polo 6N2. The many specialists in these models consider the sdi type engines to be the most reliable, thus leaving their colleagues with a TDI version deemed to be brittle in total disuse.


    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Caddy 1.4 4/8 1390  cm 3 44  kW ( 60  hp ) at 4,700  rpm 116  N m at 3,000  rpm
    4/16 55  kW ( 75  hp ) at 5,000  rpm 126  N m at 3,800  rpm
    Caddy 1.6 4/8 1,595  cm 3 55  kW ( 75  hp ) at 5,500  rpm 125  N m at 2,600  rpm
    1,598  cm 3 55  kW ( 75  hp ) at 4,800  rpm 135  N m at 2800  rpm
    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Caddy 1.7 SDI 4/8 1,716  cm 3 42  kW ( 57  hp ) at 4,200  rpm 112  N m at 2,200  rpm
    Caddy 1.9 D 1896  cm 3 47  kW ( 64  hp ) at 4,400  rpm 124  N m at 2000  rpm
    Caddy 1.9 SDI (BBS) 47  kW ( 64.68  hp ) at 4,200  rpm 125  N m at 2,200  rpm
    Caddy 1.9 TDI 66  kW ( 90  hp ) at 4000  rpm 202  N m at 1900  rpm
    66  kW ( 90  hp ) at 3,750  rpm 210  N m at 1900  rpm


    Volkswagen Caddy II Pickup (Type 9U)


    Launched in 1996 as a complement to the Caddy 9K, the Volkswagen Caddy Pickup 9U is in fact a rebadged Škoda Felicia Pickup 1.

    It was manufactured at the Škoda plant in Kvasiny, Czech Republic, the automaker owned by the Volkswagen Group since 1991 8.


    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Caddy Pickup 1.6 4/8 1,598  cm 3 55  kW ( 75  hp ) at 4,500  rpm 135  N m at 3,500  rpm
    Model Cylinders /
    Displacement Max power Max torque
    Caddy Pickup 1.9 D 4/8 1896  cm 3 47  kW ( 64  hp ) at 4,300  rpm 123  N m at 2,500  rpm

    Volkswagen Caddy III (Type 2K) 


    In 2004, Volkswagen launched the Volkswagen Caddy 2K, the third generation of the Caddy. It is based on the A5 platform of the Volkswagen Touran and the Volkswagen Golf V, of which it shares a good number of parts. The Caddy 2K is manufactured in the assembly plant in Poznań, Poland, as well as in Changchun for the local Chinese market. In 2010, the Volkswagen Caddy was entitled to a restyling. The front end is notably modified to visually align with the brand’s latest models, such as the new Volkswagen Golf VI .


    The Caddy 2K is available in several versions: a utility version called Van and a family version in the form of an MPV called Life. Since 2008, the Caddy has also been available in an extended version, called Maxi, available on the Caddy Van and the Caddy Life. A CNG / Petrol version exists Caddy Life Ecofuel. Other specific or limited versions have emerged, such as the Caddy Life Tramper or the Caddy Carrera Cup Edition, or the Caddy edition 30

    Volkswagen Caddy Van

    First shown in 2003 at the RAI Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam, the Caddy Van replaces the Volkswagen Caddy 9K in the Light Commercial 9 segment. Intended for utility use, the Caddy Van measures 4,405 mm in length and has a cargo volume of 3,200 liters 10. Its main competitors are the Peugeot Expert, Fiat Scudo, and Citroën Jumpy.

    Volkswagen Caddy IV

    Launched in June 2015, the fourth generation of Caddy unveiled at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show, is just a major restyling of the third opus 12.

    Engines The Caddy is equipped with three petrol and three diesel engines. To pollute even less Volkswagen has developed a natural gas engine for the Caddy. Finishes Conceptline Trendline Comfortline Highline Alltrack Beach.

    Volkswagen Caddy V

    The Volkswagen Caddy V is presented in February 2020 and was scheduled to make its first global public exhibition at the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show on March 13, but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 14 coronavirus outbreak. It is marketed from January 2021.

    Technical characteristics

    Caddy’s fifth generation is based on the modular technology platform MQB of Volkswagen Group primarily designed for the Golf VIII 15. Finishes Caddy LifeStyle Special series 1st Edition 1



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